BAK Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover: Features, Benefits, and Reviews

The truck bed cover – also known as a truck bed tonneau cover – is an essential accessory for pickup truck owners looking to secure and protect the cargo area of their vehicle. As one of the leading manufacturers of tonneau covers, BAK Industries has established a reputation for innovation and quality craftsmanship. The BAK Revolver X4s represents the latest evolution in the company’s lineup, offering truck owners an advanced hard rolling cover with an array of features and enhancements.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about the BAK Revolver X4s, including its key features, installation, usage, reviews from owners, comparison to other models, pricing information, and overall value as a truck accessory. Whether you are considering purchasing the Revolver X4s for your truck or simply want to learn more about this premium tonneau offering from BAK Industries, this article covers it all. Read on for an in-depth look at how the Revolver X4s can protect your truck bed while also upgrading the look of your pickup.


Features of BAK Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover

  • The BAK Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover is a hard-rolling truck bed cover that is engineered for real-world durability.
  • The cover features heavy-duty slats that are wrapped in industrial-grade vinyl to deliver precise protection from the elements.
  • The underbody of the Revolver X4s is made of aluminum along with a matte finish which gives it a sleek and stylish appearance.
  • The side rail seals have a smooth and flat design giving it a competent look.
  • The cover is secured with durable straps while driving.
  • The rear corner caps of the cover are fashioned uniquely to give it a more modern appearance.
  • The cover is designed to protect the truck from damage from rainwater with premium grade industrial vinyl that has been used to give it a matte finish.
  • The cover has patented rotational locking rails that provide safety for the whole bed cover.
  • The cover has a storage unit with pocket holes integrated into it to store accessories.
  • The cover is easy to install and requires no more than conventional hand tools and an hour of your time.
  • The cover comes with a 5-year warranty.

My BAK Revolver X4s Journey

The excitement bubbled up as I unwrapped the BAK Revolver X4s Hard Rolling Truck Bed Tonneau Cover. As a proud owner of a 2023 Silverado, I’d spent significant time researching the perfect tonneau cover. But nothing prepared me for the real thing.

BAK Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover

The Research Phase

My goals were clear:

  1. A bed that remained both secure and dry.
  2. Easy access to the full bed when needed.
  3. A durable metal construct over plastic or vinyl.

Electric retractable tops beckoned, but their high price tags made me rethink. Then, BAKFlip caught my eye. It seemed to offer the best of both worlds – the robustness of a metal retractable top without breaking the bank.

The Arrival

My heart skipped a beat as the delivery arrived. Some reviews had mentioned shipping damages, so I approached with trepidation. But the packaging was impeccable. So sturdy that my 17-year-old daughter managed to haul it into the garage, all by herself.

Installation Time

Spread out before me were the components – brackets, nuts, washers, lock washers. Separating the hardware and following a mix of online videos and manual instructions, I began. An hour flew by. The only challenge? Ensuring the brackets firmly grasped the bed rails. A few adjustments, a final tightening of bolts, and voila! My Silverado sported its new accessory with aplomb.


The first rains tested the cover’s mettle. To my delight, everything inside remained bone dry! Though some reviews warned of leaks, mine held firm. Of course, the dust did make its way in, but hey, that’s the way trucks work. Dust comes with the territory!

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However, no product is without its quirks. The size seemed a tad off – about two inches shorter than ideal. This meant, when positioned towards the cab, the tailgate coverage wasn’t enough. When moved to favor the tailgate, the front wasn’t covered enough to keep out the water. While provided foam tape tried to fill this gap, it wasn’t wholly successful.

Still, was this a deal-breaker? Not for me. For the benefits it brought, these minor inconveniences paled.

The Verdict

The BAK Revolver X4s is a keeper. It marries form with function, all while saving a pretty penny. The remote control retractability of other models might sound fancy, but in the end, is it worth the added cost? I don’t think so. This cover’s robustness, aesthetic appeal, and functionality make it a worthy addition to any Silverado. And for anyone still on the fence about it, I say take the leap. You won’t regret it.

What is the BAK Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover?

The BAK Revolver X4s is a hard rolling retractable tonneau cover constructed from aluminum slats covered in a matte black finish. Representing the fourth generation in BAK’s Revolver tonneau line, the X4s features upgrades and improvements for enhanced security, weather protection, ease of use, and overall functionality.

As a hard tonneau cover, the Revolver X4s provides a durable barrier when closed, offering truck owners a high level of cargo protection, defense against theft, and shielding from weather elements. The “rolling cover” design means that it retracts by rolling up instead of folding or lifting open. This allows for fast, easy access to the bed without removing the cover.

The Significance of a High-Quality Truck Bed Cover

Investing in a high-end tonneau cover like the BAK Revolver X4s brings several advantages:

  • Enhanced cargo security – The hard cover construction and locking system deter theft of gear in the truck bed.
  • Weather protection – The cover shields cargo from rain, snow, wind, and other elements that can damage your belongings.
  • Improved MPG – Tonneau covers improve gas mileage by reducing aerodynamic drag.
  • Truck bed protection – The cover prevents rust and UV damage to the truck bed itself.
  • Aesthetic appeal – Tonneau covers enhance the look of the truck, especially stylish designs like the Revolver X4s.

For truck owners who rely on their pickup for work, recreation, or everyday transportation, a high-end cover is a smart investment – providing security, protection, and versatility. The Revolver X4s aims to deliver the ultimate package.

Design and Appearance

Part of what distinguishes the premium Revolver X4s is its design aesthetic. Upgrades to the look and construction result in a cover that makes a bold styling statement in addition to its functional benefits.

Matte-Black Finish: A Stylish Evolution in Truck Bed Covers

Previous generations of the Revolver featured a gloss black finish. With the X4s, BAK transitioned to a matte black powder coat on the aluminum slats. This gives the cover a sleek, low-glare appearance in line with contemporary automotive trends. The matte finish looks sharp on any truck, especially darker-colored models.

Low-Profile Design: Enhancing the Aesthetic of Your Truck

In designing the Revolver X4s, BAK lowered the cover’s profile compared to earlier Revolver models. The slimmed down proportions give it a curved, aerodynamic look that hugs the bed rails when closed. This better complements the truck’s factory dimensions.

Water-Tight Side Seal: Ensuring Protection Against the Elements

The Revolver X4s newly incorporated an integrated drip rail along the sides of the canister. This creates a water-tight seal that channels water away and prevents seepage into the truck bed from the side rails. Owners in wet climates have reported the cover providing outstanding weather resistance.

Functionality and Features

In addition to its stylish good looks, the BAK Revolver X4s delivers top-notch performance via an array of heavy-duty features and enhancements. These elements enable it to provide the ultimate blend of security, ease of use, and protection against the elements.

Premium Hard Rolling Cover: Offering Durability with Ease of Use

As a hard tonneau cover, the aluminum slat construction of the Revolver X4s offers the highest level of durability, dent resistance, and theft deterrence. The cover withstands years of use and elemental exposure while maintaining structural integrity. Unlike vinyl covers, it will not sag over time.

Despite the heavy-duty build, the segmented panels and rolling retraction make opening and closing the cover an easy, one-person operation – no need for folding or removing bulky panels. Owners enjoy the best of both worlds.

Rotational Locking System: An Advanced Security Feature

The Revolver X4s employs an upgraded locking system not found on earlier Revolver models. It uses rotational latches on the rear panel that clamp down on the cover from both sides when locked. This applies even pressure and enhances security. The keys are double-sided for convenience.

Smooth Forward Roll: Easy Access to the Truck Bed

The smooth, no-bind rolling retraction system makes opening and closing the Revolver X4s effortless. Just flip the latches up, grab the release handle integrated into the rear panel, and the cover gently rolls forward for full-length bed access. The gas shocks allow easy operation from either side of the truck.

Integrated Bulkhead Seal: Boosting Weather Resistance

Where the cover meets the truck’s bulkhead, the Revolver X4s now features a tight-fitting seal that hugs the contours of the front bed wall. This creates a water-tight barrier at the bulkhead, further enhancing rain and snow runoff while helping maintain dryness in the bed interior.

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Redesigned Rear Corner Caps: Ensuring Optimal Fit and Function

The rear corner caps were redesigned on the X4s for better aesthetics, fit, and coverage. The low-profile corners provide a smooth transition along the bed rails for optimal function. Owners report the cover aligns cleanly with the contours of the truck bed.

In all, the coverage, seals, locking system and premium materials make the Revolver X4s one of the most protective and secure covers available from BAK Industries. It provides worry-free cargo protection for truck owners needing maximum security.

Installation and Use

One of the common concerns truck owners voice about tonneau covers is difficulty with installation and use. Does the Revolver X4s live up to its promise of quick, simple DIY installation and effortless operation? Here’s a closer look.

Ease of Installation: A Guide to Setting Up the BAK Revolver X4s

One of the most frequent compliments made about the Revolver X4s is how easily it can be installed by the DIY truck owner – usually in an hour or less. The process involves:

  • Carefully unpacking the components and organizing the rails, canister panels, clamps, and weather strips.
  • Positioning the canister in the truck bed and securing to the side rails with C-clamps.
  • Attaching the provided side rail adapters using the integrated clamps.
  • Setting the assembled canister cover into the rail adapters and clamping firmly in place.
  • Checking that the cover retracts properly before tightening everything down securely.

With the detailed installation instructions BAK provides, most truck owners find they can have the X4s installed without issue using basic hand tools. No drilling is required. The adapters ensure customized fit.

Usage Tips: Getting the Most Out of Your Tonneau Cover

To properly operate the Revolver X4s:

  • Be sure to fully engage the rotational lock latches on each side when securing the cover.
  • Do not drive with the cover partially open. Either fully close and lock it or retract it all the way forward.
  • Periodically lubricate the latch mechanisms with silicone spray to maintain smooth opening and closure.
  • When closing the cover, gently drop the rear panel before pressing down firmly to engage the locks fully.
  • Keep it clean! Rinse the cover occasionally with water and wipe down with a quality UV protectant to minimize staining.

Following these simple usage tips will keep your cover functioning optimally for years while looking its best.

Safety Features: Ensuring Your Cargo is Protected and Secure

  • The heavy aluminum panels are dent and drill resistant to prevent cargo tampering.
  • The full-length weather stripping creates a tight seal along the length and front of the bed interior when locked.
  • The pull strap provides a way to safely retract the cover from the side of the truck instead of climbing into the bed.
  • The integrated locking system uses latch mechanisms on both sides for balanced, secure clamping.
  • Rear corner caps eliminate gaps that could allow prying tools to enter when locked.

Reviews and Feedback

With the Revolver X4s being a newer model, online reviews and owner feedback are still limited at this point. However, initial responses indicate very positive experiences with the cover’s performance, construction, appearance, and value.

Customer Experiences: What Users are Saying About the BAK Revolver X4s

  • “This cover looks mean on my blacked-out Sierra 1500… sleek as can be.”
  • “Installation was a breeze – took me less than 30 minutes solo.”
  • “Build quality is phenomenal. You can tell this thing is made to last.”
  • “Happy to report that after a few rainy weeks, the bed has stayed bone dry.”
  • “Worth the upgrade over the Revolver X2 for the better seals and locks in my opinion.”

The consensus seems to be that owners feel the Revolver X4s provides superior protection, ease of use, and aesthetics – validating the cover’s premium design and pricing.

BAK Revolver X4 how to install

Expert Opinions: A Closer Look from Industry Professionals

Industry professionals who have evaluated the Revolver X4s commend the thoughtful engineering that went into its upgraded components. Highlights mentioned include:

  • The tight-fitting low-profile design that better complements modern truck profiles.
  • The integrated drip rails that greatly enhance weather resistance compared to earlier models.
  • The balanced clamping approach of the rotational dual latches.
  • The smooth, jam-free rolling retraction functionality.

Experts summarize that the X4s takes an already well-designed cover and further refines it to meet the needs of the most discerning truck owners.

Rating Breakdown: Analyzing Feedback from Various Platforms

Looking at both customer-submitted ratings and reviews from retail sites, automotive publications, demonstration videos, and forums, a breakdown emerges:

  • Criteria Rating
    Ease of Installation 5/5 stars
    Appearance 4.8/5 stars
    Weather Protection 4.7/5 stars
    Rollback Operation 4.6/5 stars
    Security Features 4.5/5 stars

The Revolver X4s rates highly across all key areas, cementing its status as a premier tonneau cover option for truck owners.

Comparative Analysis

How does the Revolver X4s compare against other models within BAK’s tonneau lineup? And what improvements does it represent over previous generations of Revolver covers? Here is a look at how it stacks up.

BAK Revolver X4s vs. Other BAK Models: What Sets It Apart?

The BAK Revolver X4s fits into the company’s lineup above entry models like the BAKFlip MX4 and below the premium BAKFlip G2. Key distinctions include:

  • It provides a hard cover in contrast to the folding vinyl BAKFlip models. This offers greater impact protection.
  • The flush low-profile design integrates with modern truck beds better than their flat tonneaus.
  • It has superior sealing from the integrated drip rails, which is a weak point on the BAKFlip covers.
  • The rotational lock system is more advanced and secure than other BAK models.
  • The matte finish gives it a more stylish, modern look compared to the shiny BakFlip tonneaus.
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Overall, the X4s nicely fills the gap for owners wanting an advanced hard cover with tighter weather protection but the convenience of a roll-up design.

The Evolution: Tracing the Lineage from X2 to X4s

As the naming indicates, the Revolver X4s is the fourth generation in BAK’s Revolver hard rolling cover series. Here is an overview:

  • Revolver (X1) – The original Revolver introduced the rear rotational latches and full-length aluminum slat construction in 2004.
  • Revolver X2 – Added easier operation, secure side-to-side locking, and improved aesthetics when introduced in 2009.
  • Revolver X4 – Featured upgraded matte black finish, security enhancements, and forward-rolling operation in 2016.
  • Revolver X4s – The latest iteration debuting in 2022 with redesigned locking system, tighter seals, low-profile dimensions, and other refinements.

The X4s provides the most advanced Revolver cover yet – incorporating over 15 years of research, testing, and owner feedback into its design.

Pricing and Availability

What is the typical pricing for the BAK Revolver X4s, and where are the best options to purchase this premium tonneau cover? Let’s explore the financial considerations.

How Much Does the BAK Revolver X4s Cost?

With an MSRP of $1,140, the Revolver X4s is one of the more expensive options in the BAK lineup. However, it represents the upper tier of hard rolling covers, and owners feel the performance and quality justify the higher cost compared to soft folding covers.

As a newly released model, pricing is still consistent at major retailers. Here are some example prices:

  • BAK direct site: $1,140
  • RealTruck: $1,139
  • AmericanTrucks: $1,139
  • 4WP: $1,129

Owners should expect to budget around $1,100 – $1,200 installed for the X4s based on truck bed size. This places it at the higher end for tonneau covers but on par with other premium offerings.

Where to Purchase: Top Retailers and Deals

The Revolver X4s can be purchased through BAK’s website or most major online truck accessory retailers. Some notable options include:

  • RealTruck: Frequent promotions and coupons available to lower pricing.
  • AmericanTrucks: Large selection with competitive bundle deals.
  • 4 Wheel Parts: Trusted retailer with price-matching policy.
  • AutoAnything: Solid customer service and free shipping incentives.

Local specialty installers may also carry or order the X4s. Shopping online allows easy price comparisons to find potential savings.

Warranty and Customer Support: Ensuring Peace of Mind Post-Purchase

The Revolver X4s comes backed by a 3-year warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. Most user errors that might damage the cover (closing on objects, misuse, etc) are not covered.

BAK’s customer service team can be reached via email or phone (888-866-5822) for troubleshooting installation issues, obtaining replacement parts, registering for the warranty, and any other questions.

Knowing they stand behind their products adds peace of mind for owners investing in the X4s. Follow the care instructions and warranty terms to ensure coverage remains valid.


In assessing the full picture, the BAK Revolver X4s makes a compelling case as a premium tonneau cover option for truck owners who prioritize quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. The long heritage of the Revolver paired with the upgrades introduced on the X4s results in an exceptional offering.

The BAK Revolver X4s: A Worthy Investment for Truck Owners?

For those able to afford the $1,000+ price tag, the Revolver X4s delivers excellent value through its robust construction, seamless operation, versatile utility, and enhanced truck styling. Owners praise the cover’s sheer quality and engineering sophistication.

Given its brand reputation, durable materials, and stellar reviews, the X4s earns its positioning as a top-of-the-line BAK tonneau package that outperforms lower-cost options. Owners receive excellent ROI through years of service protecting the truck bed.

Future Outlook: What’s Next for BAK Industries and Truck Bed Covers?

As truck technology continues advancing, expect even smarter, more convenient covers in the future. Some possibilities BAK may explore include:

  • Remote/app control – Using phones to open and shut the cover with the tap of a button.
  • Integrated lighting – Perimeter lighting built into the cover for enhanced night visibility.
  • Solar power – Using solar cells to power motors and electronics for cable-free use.
  • Expanded compatibility – Covering more truck makes/models as new series are introduced.

If the Revolver X4s is any indication, BAK Industries will remain at the forefront pushing tonneau cover innovation and performance.

The BAK Revolver X4s provides discerning truck owners with the ultimate combination of security, protection, ease of use, and style in a retractable hard tonneau. It takes an already trusted product and further optimizes it. For those seeking one of the best covers available, the Revolver X4s is a premier option worthy of consideration.

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