Cheap Truck Bed Covers Tonneau Covers

Did you know that investing in a tonneau cover for your truck bed can increase your fuel efficiency by up to 10%? It’s true!

Hi there, I’m here to tell you all about cheap truck bed covers, also known as tonneau covers, and why they are a fantastic addition to any pickup truck.

In this article, we will explore the different types of tonneau covers available in the market, the benefits of using them, and what factors you should consider when choosing a cheap tonneau cover.

I’ll also share some affordable tonneau cover brands that you should keep an eye out for.

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, I’ll provide you with some installation tips to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process.

And of course, I’ll touch on the importance of maintenance and care for your tonneau cover to keep it in top-notch condition.

So, whether you’re looking to protect your cargo, improve your truck’s aerodynamics, or simply add a sleek and stylish touch to your vehicle, a cheap tonneau cover is the way to go.

Let’s dive in and discover everything you need to know!

Key Takeaways

  • There are different types of tonneau covers available, including roll-up covers, folding covers, and retractable covers.
  • Tonneau covers provide various benefits such as protecting the truck bed from elements, improving fuel efficiency, enhancing the truck’s appearance, and providing added security.
  • When choosing a cheap tonneau cover, consider factors such as the material of the cover, the style of the cover, and the installation process.
  • Some affordable tonneau cover brands to look out for include Tyger Auto, TruXedo, and Gator Covers.

Types of Tonneau Covers to Consider

Now, let’s dive into the different types of tonneau covers you should consider for your truck bed.

When it comes to finding a cheap truck bed cover, there are a few options to choose from.

The first type is the roll-up cover, which is made of vinyl or fabric and can be easily rolled up to access the bed. This type is lightweight and affordable, making it a popular choice among truck owners.

Another option is the folding cover, which is typically made of aluminum or hard plastic panels that can be folded back to access the bed. This type offers added durability and security.

Lastly, there are retractable covers, which slide open and closed, providing easy access to the bed. They are usually made of aluminum or hard plastic and offer a sleek and streamlined appearance.

Consider these different types of tonneau covers to find the best option for your truck bed.

Benefits of Using a Tonneau Cover

Using a tonneau cover for your pickup has numerous benefits.

First and foremost, it keeps your truck bed protected from the elements, preventing rain, snow, and dirt from damaging your cargo. This is especially important if you regularly transport valuable items or equipment.

Additionally, a tonneau cover improves fuel efficiency by reducing aerodynamic drag. By creating a streamlined surface over the bed, it minimizes wind resistance, allowing your truck to move more smoothly through the air. This can result in significant fuel savings over time.

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Moreover, a tonneau cover adds a sleek and stylish look to your truck, enhancing its overall appearance. It also provides added security by concealing your belongings from prying eyes.

Overall, using a tonneau cover is a practical and beneficial choice for any truck owner.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cheap Tonneau Cover

When choosing a budget-friendly option, there are various factors to consider that will help you find the perfect cover for your pickup.

First and foremost, consider the material of the tonneau cover. You want to ensure that it is durable and can withstand different weather conditions. Hard covers made of fiberglass or aluminum are usually more expensive but offer better protection. Soft covers, on the other hand, are more affordable and easier to install.

Next, think about the style of the cover. There are different types such as roll-up, tri-fold, and retractable covers. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choose the one that suits your needs best.

Finally, consider the installation process and whether you can do it yourself or if you need professional help.

By considering these factors, you can find a cheap tonneau cover that meets your requirements without compromising on quality.

Affordable Tonneau Cover Brands to Look Out For

When it comes to affordable tonneau cover brands, there are a few key players to keep an eye out for.

One such brand is Tyger Auto, known for their durable and high-quality covers that won’t break the bank.

TruXedo is another brand worth considering, offering a range of affordable options without sacrificing on functionality or style.

Lastly, Gator Covers is a brand that consistently delivers top-notch tonneau covers at affordable prices, making them a reliable choice for budget-conscious truck owners.

Tyger Auto

Tyger Auto offers affordable tonneau covers for truck beds, providing customers with a cost-effective solution.

Their covers are designed to fit various truck models, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum protection.

Made from durable materials, Tyger Auto tonneau covers are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and keep your truck bed secure.

The covers are easy to install and come with all the necessary hardware, making it a hassle-free process.

With a sleek design and low-profile appearance, these tonneau covers not only protect your truck bed but also enhance its overall aesthetics.

Tyger Auto is known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, offering a reliable and budget-friendly option for truck owners in need of a reliable tonneau cover.


Looking for a high-quality option for your truck? You’ll love TruXedo’s sleek and durable solution for protecting your cargo.

TruXedo offers a range of truck bed covers that are not only affordable but also built to last. Here are some key features that make TruXedo stand out from the competition:

  • Easy installation: TruXedo covers come with a simple clamp-on design, making it a breeze to install without any drilling or special tools required.

  • Weatherproof design: These covers are designed to keep your cargo safe and dry, even in the harshest weather conditions.

  • Sleek and stylish: TruXedo covers are known for their sleek and streamlined appearance, adding a touch of sophistication to your truck.

  • Convenient access: With TruXedo’s roll-up design, you can easily access your truck bed whenever you need to load or unload items.

With TruXedo, you can protect your cargo while adding style and convenience to your truck.

Gator Covers

You won’t believe the incredible durability and style that Gator Covers brings to the table for your truck! As a truck owner myself, I have been thoroughly impressed with the quality and functionality of Gator Covers’ tonneau covers.

These covers are made from heavy-duty materials that are built to withstand the toughest conditions, providing excellent protection for your truck bed. Not only are they highly durable, but Gator Covers also offers a wide range of styles to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect cover that matches your truck’s aesthetic.

The attention to detail and precision in their design is evident, ensuring a sleek and seamless fit for your truck. Whether you’re looking for a soft roll-up cover or a rugged hard cover, Gator Covers has got you covered.

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Installation Tips for DIY Enthusiasts

Start by carefully measuring the dimensions of your truck bed and gather all the necessary tools for an easy installation of a cheap tonneau cover.

First, remove any existing bed liners or accessories that might obstruct the installation process.

Next, position the tonneau cover on the truck bed and align it properly. Make sure the cover is centered and leveled before proceeding.

Attach the clamps or brackets to secure the cover in place. Tighten the clamps evenly to ensure a snug fit.

Once the cover is securely fastened, double-check all the connections and make any necessary adjustments.

Finally, test the tonneau cover by opening and closing it to ensure smooth operation.

With these simple installation tips, even DIY enthusiasts can easily install a cheap tonneau cover on their truck bed.

Maintenance and Care for Your Tonneau Cover

To keep your tonneau cover in good condition, it’s important to regularly clean and protect it from the elements.

One of the first steps in maintaining your tonneau cover is to remove any debris or dirt that may accumulate on the surface. This can be done by using a soft brush or cloth to gently sweep away any loose particles.

Next, you should wash the cover with a mild soap and water solution, making sure to rinse thoroughly to remove any soap residue.

After washing, it’s recommended to apply a protective coating to the cover to help prevent fading and cracking. There are various products available on the market specifically designed for tonneau covers, such as UV protectants or vinyl cleaners. Applying these products regularly will help prolong the life of your tonneau cover and keep it looking its best.

Additionally, it’s important to regularly inspect your tonneau cover for any signs of damage or wear. If you notice any tears or holes, it’s best to address them promptly to prevent further damage.

By following these maintenance and care tips, you can ensure that your tonneau cover will continue to provide the protection and functionality you need for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tonneau Covers

When it comes to tonneau covers, there are a few frequently asked questions that often come up.

One common question is whether it is safe to drive with the cover open.

Another question that arises is whether a tonneau cover will fit with a bed liner.

And lastly, many truck owners wonder how to choose the right size tonneau cover for their specific truck.

These questions are important to consider when it comes to maintaining and caring for your tonneau cover.

Can I Drive with the Cover Open?

Driving with the cover open is totally possible, but it’s important to consider a few factors before hitting the road.

First, be aware that driving with the cover open can cause an increase in wind resistance, which may affect your fuel efficiency.

Second, keep in mind that an open cover exposes your truck bed to the elements, so any cargo you have may be at risk of getting wet or damaged.

Lastly, driving with the cover open may also affect your visibility, depending on the type of cover you have. It’s crucial to ensure that you have a clear line of sight before driving.

Despite these considerations, driving with the cover open can be a convenient option when you have oversized cargo or need quick access to your truck bed.

Will a Tonneau Cover Fit with My Bed Liner?

Installing a bed liner with your tonneau cover is a seamless way to protect your cargo and maintain the sleek appearance of your truck. It’s important to ensure that the tonneau cover you choose is compatible with your bed liner to ensure a proper fit. When selecting a tonneau cover, consider the type of bed liner you have and its dimensions. Some tonneau covers are designed to fit with specific bed liners, while others may be more versatile and able to accommodate different types. To help you make an informed decision, here’s a table that outlines popular tonneau cover types and their compatibility with common bed liner materials:

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Tonneau Cover Type Compatibility with Bed Liner
Roll-Up Compatible with most bed liners, but may require modification for certain types
Folding Compatible with most bed liners, but check specific product requirements
Retractable Compatible with most bed liners, but may require trimming or removal of certain bed liner components
Hinged Compatible with most bed liners, but check specific product requirements

By referring to this table, you can ensure that your chosen tonneau cover will fit seamlessly with your bed liner, providing the ultimate protection and style for your truck.

How Do I Choose the Right Size for My Truck?

Now that we have discussed whether a tonneau cover will fit with your bed liner, let’s move on to the next important question: How do you choose the right size for your truck?

Selecting the correct size for your truck is crucial to ensure a proper fit and optimal functionality of the tonneau cover. Here are four key factors to consider:

  1. Truck Make and Model: Different truck models have varying bed sizes, so it is essential to know the make and model of your truck to determine the appropriate tonneau cover size.

  2. Bed Length: Measure the length of your truck bed from the inside front to the inside rear. This measurement will help you select the correct tonneau cover size.

  3. Bed Width: Measure the width of your truck bed from inside wall to inside wall. This measurement will also play a role in choosing the right tonneau cover size.

  4. Bed Style: Consider the style of your truck bed, such as whether it has stake pocket holes or a toolbox. Some tonneau covers are designed specifically to accommodate these features.

By taking these factors into account, you can confidently choose the right size tonneau cover for your truck, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a tonneau cover in all weather conditions?

Yes, a tonneau cover can be used in all weather conditions. For example, I drove through a heavy rainstorm and my tonneau cover kept my truck bed completely dry. It provides protection from rain, snow, and even harsh sunlight.

What are the benefits of using a tonneau cover in terms of fuel efficiency?

Using a tonneau cover can improve fuel efficiency by reducing drag and improving aerodynamics. By creating a streamlined surface over the truck bed, the cover helps to minimize wind resistance, resulting in better gas mileage.

Are there any tonneau covers that can be easily removed and reinstalled?

Yes, there are tonneau covers available in the market that can be easily removed and reinstalled. These covers offer convenience and flexibility, allowing truck owners to quickly adjust their truck bed as needed.

Can a tonneau cover be customized to fit my specific truck model?

Yes, tonneau covers can be customized to fit specific truck models. By providing the make, model, and year of your truck, you can ensure that the cover will fit perfectly and provide optimal protection for your truck bed.

How do I choose the right tonneau cover for my truck’s bed size?

To choose the right tonneau cover for your truck’s bed size, start by measuring the length and width of your truck bed. Consider factors like material, style, and security features. Research and compare options to find the perfect fit.


In conclusion, choosing a cheap truck bed cover, also known as a tonneau cover, is a smart investment for any truck owner. These covers offer protection and security for your belongings and enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle. With a wide range of options available, you can find the perfect tonneau cover that suits your needs and budget.

So don’t hesitate, take the leap and give your truck the love and care it deserves with a quality tonneau cover. Your truck will thank you, and you’ll be cruising in style!

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