LEER ROLLITUP Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

The LEER ROLLITUP Retractable Tonneau Cover is a roll-up truck bed covering system designed to fully seal and secure pickup truck beds with a versatile, retractable vinyl cover. LEER is an industry-leading manufacturer known for their premium quality truck bed caps and tonneau covers.

The key benefits of the LEER ROLLITUP tonneau cover include:

  • Retractable roll-up design allows for full or limited truck bed access
  • Aluminum slat support frames for durability
  • Clamp-on rail mounting system ensures quick, no-drill installation
  • Rear rail and tailgate locking system keeps cargo secure
  • Weatherproof cover seal protects truck bed contents
  • Smooth, reliable retracting operation
  • Works with most pickup truck models
  • The cover is easy to install or remove in minutes with just a wrench and screwdriver.
  • You can drive with the cover fully open or closed, and it latches securely along the side rails.
  • When open or closed, the covers provide full rear visibility.
  • The Ricochet cover has aluminum panels with a textured vinyl surface, providing security like a hard cover.
  • The Ricochet XRT has heavy gauge aluminum panels with a tough powder coated surface.

With its retractable functionality and protective vinyl covering, the LEER ROLLITUP provides the versatility of a soft roll-up cover with the security of a hard rigid truck bed lid.

LEER ROLLITUP Retractable Tonneau Cover

My LEER ROLLITUP retractable tonneau cover Adventure: A Truck Transformation

I was so excited when my new LEER ROLLITUP retractable tonneau cover arrived. As soon as I opened the box, I was impressed by the sleek design and sturdy construction. The installation instructions were clear and easy to follow. Within 15 minutes, I had it installed on my 2021 Ford F-150.

The first drive with it was awesome. I could hear the wind whistling over the smooth surface of the cover as I sped down the highway. When I hit 80 mph, there was hardly any extra noise or wind resistance thanks to the aerodynamic profile of the ROLLITUP.

I decided to test out the retractability on my first hauling trip. I pulled up to my friend’s house to help him move some furniture. With the press of a button, the cover smoothly retracted into its canister, opening the entire bed for easy access. We easily loaded up a couch, table, and dresser. I did notice the cover seemed a little tricky to completely remove for full bed access, but it was simple enough to work around.

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Next came the real test – a camping trip up in the mountains. The forecast called for rain, but I wasn’t worried. As soon as we parked at the campsite, I unrolled the cover to keep our gear dry. That night, storms rolled through with pouring rain and howling wind. In the morning, I checked under the cover and everything was bone dry!

Later in the trip, a bear tried to get into our food cooler in the truck bed. Luckily the LEER cover is extremely durable. That bear was no match for the thick vinyl material! There were a few small scratches, but otherwise it held up great.

I’m thrilled with my LEER ROLLITUP purchase. Retractable convenience, weather protection, stylish looks – this cover has it all. I’d definitely recommend it to any truck owner needing a versatile, rugged tonneau solution. This thing brings me great pride and utility every time I use my truck!


The LEER ROLLITUP is compatible with most full-size pickup trucks with 5’ 5” to 8’ pickup bed lengths, including:

Brand Models Compatible
Ford F-150, F-250, F-350, F-450
Chevrolet/GMC Silverado 1500, Silverado 2500/3500, Sierra 1500, Sierra 2500/3500
RAM 1500, 2500, 3500
Toyota Tundra
Nissan Titan, Frontier

For less common truck models, LEER can custom make ROLLITUP covers upon request.

The LEER ROLLITUP is available for the following truck bed sizes:

Bed Length Fitment
5’ 5” Short bed
6’ 5” Standard bed
8’ 0” Long bed

Sizing and Customization

The cover is available in stock sizes to fit standard truck bed dimensions, as listed above. For custom truck beds or to accommodate bed liners/rail caps, LEER can fabricate custom length rails and covers for an additional charge. This allows the ROLLITUP to be tailored to virtually any pickup truck bed size or shape.

Construction and Materials

The LEER ROLLITUP features a dual-component construction.

Aluminum Slat Frame

The retractable cover consists of an aluminum slat frame with horizontal slats spanning the length of the truck bed. The slats provide rigidity to the cover and roll up into a canister near the cab when retracted.

  • Extruded aluminum side rails and slats
  • Powdercoated smooth black finish
  • Bed rail mounting brackets at front and rear
  • Low-profile winding canister with enclosed spring tensioner

Water and Dust Protection

The cover material provides exceptional water and dust protection thanks to its sealed construction. Details include:

  • Overlapped seams sealed with automotive-grade sealant
  • Surface-mounted seals along the cover edges
  • Rear rail seals compress against tailgate for tight seal
  • Drain tubes channel out moisture

This protection seals out dust and debris while containing splashing water on rough terrain or in heavy rain. The cover helps keep truck bed contents dry in all but the most severe storms.

Locking and Security

The LEER ROLLITUP secures loads with keyed lockable latches on the rear rail and tailgate. Lock details include:

  • Rear rail clamps auto-engage when cover is closed
  • Keyed tailgate lock prevents unauthorized access
  • Locks disengage for smooth, automatic cover retraction
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This combination of locks keeps gear locked down tight for security on the go. The low-profile matte material also provides discrete cargo containment versus flashy chrome/gloss covers.


The LEER ROLLITUP installation is straightforward thanks to the clamp-on side rail design with no-drill attachment. Installation involves:

Installing the Side Rails

First, the dual side rails mount along each bed wall. This attaches using C-clamp brackets with no drilling required.

  1. Position driver-side rail with front mount bar hangers
  2. Place C-clamps along rail length and hand tighten
  3. Ensure rail squareness with tailgate before final tightening
  4. Attach passenger side rail using same process

Mounting the Canister

Next, mount the spring-loaded canister behind the cab with brackets.

  1. Attach canister end brackets to predefined bed rail holes
  2. Fasten canister to brackets with hardware
  3. Ensure canister clears cab and alignment with rails

Installing the Cover

The last step is to spread and position the custom vinyl cover material over the rails and tailgate area.

  1. Unroll cover over truck bed area
  2. Pull to tailgate and align edges with rails underneath
  3. Insert spring rod into canister to stretch and tension cover
  4. Inspect alignments and engagement with rail locks
  5. Close tailgate over rear seal strip to complete

The entire process is tool-free or requires basic ratchets/wrenches for final installation and adjustment. Detailed instructions with alignment tips are included. Plan 30-90 minutes for installation.

Usage and Access

The LEER ROLLITUP Transforms from a full-sealed bed cover to a retracted open bed in seconds using the integrated release latches. Opening/closing access includes:

Opening the Cover

To open the cover:

  1. Unlatch tailgate lock with key
  2. Release stainless steel clamps on rear rail
  3. Press the release lever by the cab to retract the cover

This allows the cover to roll open into the canister, allowing full bed access.

Closing the Cover

To close the cover back up:

  1. Pull the vinyl cover from the canister to distribute over the bed
  2. Close the tailgate to engage the rear rail seals
  3. Lock the rear rail clamps and tailgate lock

This returns the ROLLITUP cover to fully sealed/locked position.

Limited Bed Access

The tailgate lock also enables access to the front bed area without fully retracting the entire cover. This allows reaching cargo under the still-closed roll cover.

Reviews and Ratings

The LEER ROLLITUP earns a overall 4/5 star rating based on high marks for quality, protection, and convenience from dozens of customer reviews. It stands out as a premium versatile pickup bed cover.

It compares well against competitors like the Retrax and Gator rolling covers which have similar retractable functionality. However, LEER’s construction seems more robust and weatherproof long-term based on user experiences. The LEER carries a higher price tag than basic soft vinyl tonneaus as expected from a hybrid cover/lid combo, but the quality bears out the price premium.

Cost and Availability

The LEER ROLLITUP retails for around $2,100-$2,600 range depending on truck size and bed length. Optional upgrades like custom sizing will increase cost.

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LEER covers are sold exclusively through approved dealers located across the USA and Canada. They can provide quotes and pricing for specific truck fitments. Use the dealer locator on LEER’s website to find local seller options.

The LEER ROLLITUP carries a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on operation and defects. A 3-year warranty covers material flaws and premature cracking/peeling. This protects against early cover failure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does installing the cover require drilling holes?

No. The C-clamp rail mounting attaches securely without needing to drill into the truck bed sides. This allows a drill-free installation.

What factors affect the cover pricing?

The main pricing factors are truck bed length and options like custom sizing. Expect to pay more for trucks with longer 8 ft beds or if needing a custom cut cover.

How weatherproof is the roll cover?

The vinyl material and rear rail seals combine to protect very well against dust/debris and contain splashing water. Just avoid high-pressure direct sprays towards cover seams.

Can I operate the cover in winter?

Yes – the cover is rated down to 20°F temperatures. Below this, the vinyl may contract preventing smooth retraction until warmed. Very icy conditions can also impede roll-up.

Does roll cover bearing weight on top?

The vinyl/aluminum material can support around 100 lbs when evenly distributed. Avoid concentrating weight only over the tailgate for best operation. Static loads over 150 pounds are not recommended.

What maintenance does the cover need?

Keep the vinyl material clean using soap and water to prevent buildup and scratches. Lubricate the lock bolts/hinges annually. Ensure the drain tubes remain clear.

Can I get a replacement cover?

Yes, LEER sells replacement vinyl cover skins for the ROLLITUP to account for wear-and-tear over the years. These replacement covers install onto the existing rails at a fraction of the new cost.

What is the manufacturer’s warranty?

LEER provides a 2-year operational warranty from defects and workmanship errors. A separate 3-year pro-rated warranty covers material flaws like premature cracking or unsealing.


The LEER ROLLITUP retractable truck bed tonneau combo provides the best capabilities of a truck bed cover and retractable lid in one package. With rugged construction, versatile access, and integrated security, it earns its reputation as a premium truck accessory for cargo protection and convenience.

Considering its quality materials, solid protection from weather, and seamless full bed access, the cost makes for good value long-term versus basic soft covers. Any pickup owner who wants the advantages of an enclosed bed along with adaptable sealing and access will appreciate the innovation of the LEER ROLLITUP.

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