Take Your Truck to the Next Level with a SyneticUSA Retractable Cover

I had been looking to get a tonneau cover for my Ford F-150 for a while to keep my gear protected and out of sight. The retractable hard covers appealed to me since they would allow me to still easily access the full bed when needed. Most options I saw were way out of my price range, often $2000 or more.

While researching one day, I came across the SyneticUSA retractable tonneau and was intrigued by its lower cost while still appearing to be decent quality. I ultimately decided to take a chance on it despite the lack of reviews. This is the story of my experience purchasing and using that cover over the past year.

SyneticUSA Retractable tonneau Cover

Ordering and Arrival

I went with the matte black aluminum finish to match my truck. Ordering through their website was simple enough and delivery was surprisingly fast with free shipping. The cover arrived in a large box showing some scuffs and dents but the contents inside were packed well in foam and cardboard. I opened it in my garage to inspect everything.

Unboxing and Inspection

Inside I found:

  • The canister enclosure containing the retractable cover rollers
  • Two side rails
  • A small parts box
  • A large instruction sheet
  • Some warning stickers

At first glance the materials looked good. The canister and rails felt sturdy and the finish had no blemishes. The instruction sheet was a bit lacking though.

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Parts Inventory

I laid out and took inventory of all the hardware:

  • Canister mounting bolts
  • Rail mounting bolts
  • Drain tube adapters
  • Keys for the locks
  • Tube of lubricant
  • Set screws
  • Rail clamps
  • Assorted nuts, washers, caps

I was relieved to verify that no parts appeared damaged or missing.


With parts checked, it was time for the fun part – installation. I went in optimistic, but quickly realized the instructions were rather poor. They consisted of rough diagrams and lacked specifics for most steps.

Truck Prep

I started by removing the factory tie downs and prepping the bed area to mount the rails and canister.To gain access for the drain tubes, I also cut small slots in my bed liner. This allowed the included adapters to slide through cleanly.

Canister and Cover Assembly

When it came time to mount the cover onto the canister, the instructions fell short. Thankfully an installation video linked on their website provided the visuals I needed to properly bolt and align the cover. With the cover rolled up, I secured the canister in the truck bed.

Rail and Drain Mounting

Mounting the rails and routing the drain tubes went smoothly enough. I did need to trim a bit more of my bed liner for the cover to fully retract but otherwise it fit well. I left the rails loose to later adjust and fine tune their positioning.

Finishing Touches

To complete the installation, I centered the rails, tightened down the clamps, and tested the locking mechanism. I also lubed the interior components per the manual.

First Impressions

With the cover fully mounted, I took it for a quick test drive and so far I was pleased. Operation was smooth and it locked tightly. The low profile rails maintained full use of my bed space. I was surprised that the cover did not seem to leak at all in some initial rain testing either. My main complaint was that the dual locks were keyed differently making access a bit inconvenient. For under $1000 I felt it was an excellent value compared to the big brands charging double or triple the price. Only time would tell how it holds up.

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Living with the Cover

I’ve now used my SyneticUSA tonneau cover daily for a full year. Here are my thoughts after 12 months of ownership.

Weather Protection

Through all sorts of weather from sun to snow, the cover has kept my truck bed contents clean and dry. I do find some moisture inside during car washes or heavy rain but it’s minimal. I apply some water repellent spray a few times a year and make sure to keep the drain tubes clear of debris. Doing this seems to prevent any leaks.

Security & Locking

The dual locking latches on each side continue to operate smoothly and provide peace of mind. I upgraded the keys to match for easier access. I have not had any issues with keeping the cover secured in parking lots or unattended job sites. The low profile hugs the bed rails tightly.I did have a friend test trying to force it open and they were unable to budge it at all when locked.

Operation & Clearance

Opening and closing the unit is simple and can be done single handedly. I typically park with it partially open for quick access just by grabbing the handle. Fully retracting the cover does take some effort compared to higher end motorized versions but allows full bed usage when needed. The canister does not impede much space when fully retracted. I can still fit sheets of plywood and lumber with the tailgate down.

Durability & Wear

For the most part, the SyneticUSA cover still looks brand new after a year of use and exposure to the elements. The finish has held up beautifully. I have noticed the rubber seals are starting to show slight cracking in a few spots. The company provided some spares so I plan to replace those soon. The internal components also still glide smoothly along the rails thanks to periodic lubrication. No signs of excessive wear.

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Customer Service

I did need to contact SyneticUSA customer support once about a missing bolt for the canister. I sent some photos of the hardware and they express shipped the correct replacement part free of charge. Response time was less than 24 hours and they followed up to ensure everything was resolved properly. I was very happy with the experience.

Final Verdict

Given the cost savings over comparable alternatives, I could not be more satisfied with my retractable tonneau purchase after one year. The SyneticUSA cover has protected my cargo through all weather conditions without leaking or security concerns.

Operation remains smooth and the durable aluminum construction has required zero maintenance aside from some simple lubrication. For anyone looking get a retractable tonneau on a budget, I would certainly recommend giving SyneticUSA strong consideration based on my ownership so far. Their customer service also helps provide peace of mind.

The next year will really show if the cover can go the long haul but I am optimistic based on its performance and resilience so far. I always get compliments on the look it provides and truck bed access it allows when loading larger items. For under $1000 out the door, this cover has exceeded my expectations for the price point. I find myself proud to show it off whenever someone asks about my truck!

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